About Us

Our mission is simple.

  • To provide an opportunity for local creative talent to pursue a career within the arts sector.
  • To inspire those in education to get creative and draw something fun.
  • To produce a product of professional quality inspired by the Isle of Man community.

Why we are doing this

  1. We feel it can be difficult for creative people to start a career within the art sector.
  2. We want to give those in education some practical work experience.
  3. It seems like a whole lot of fun and it would be pretty amazing to see our community all working together.

Sounds awesome right? So, how are we going to do this?

  1. Each year we will convert a local Manx Author’s Novel into a graphic novel.
  2. We will chose two students from the Isle of Man College of Further & Higher Education to illustrate the graphic novel with the guidance of industry professionals.
  3. We will hold a school competition where students can draw the concept art for how they imagine the 12 characters to look.

How does the competition work exactly?

  1. Once the competition closes the two art students and the professional artist will select the best character designs.
  2. They will then work with the winning students to bring the designs up to a professional standard (if needed!).
  3. These character designs will then feature in the Graphic Novel which will be published in both English and Manx. The Graphic Novel will then be sold.

Woah there Cowboy, so are we just trying to make some money?

  1. If we sell a copy of the Graphic Novel yes, money will be made.
  2. But we plan on giving the money back to the community.
  3. We also plan on raising enough money to do this every year.

Where will the money go?

*To keep it simple let’s assume we sell 1,000 copies and make £10,000:

  • £6,000 will go back into the project for the following year.
  • £3,000 to give to the students to draw the Graphic Novel.
  • £3,000 to publish the Graphic Novel.
  • £2,500 will go to charity.
  • £750 will go to both the author and artist.

What if we make more money?

*For every penny made after this the following will happen:

  • 20 % will go back into the project.
  • 60 % will go to charity.
  • 10 % will go to both the Author and Artists (20% total).

Why are we paying the Author and Artists?

  1. We will pay the artist £3,000 this year as we don’t want to exploit them and we are looking to save them from working in a job this summer which does not meet their skill set.
  2. The Author will not be paid for writing the novel as they normally make money through sales. Maybe we can pay the author in future years.
  3. As the concept art from the school competition will be altered slightly when being brought up to professional standard school children will not hold any rights over the finished publication. They get the pleasure of knowing they help contribute to the character design.

Any question please email me and I will answer as soon as possible.
We just think it would be amazing if the community of the Isle of Man all worked together to produce a fun graphic novel, you never know what could happen.