The Novel

A World Apart

The Synopsis


Ann-Marie McCarthy was born on the Isle of Man, studied English Literature at Bath Spa University and is now at Lancaster University studying for her MA.

The Planet Noellan has long been at war with its sister planet Selondery. War rages over the use of the Bio Dome Technology which the Noelians possess and use to regulate its atmosphere. The planet Selondery is over populated and dying and needs such technology to be shared in order to survive.

As both Kings grow tired of war they arrange for the marriage of the Selondery Prince Artizan and princess Arianna from Nollean. The marriage will allow for both cultures to be united and for the Biodome technology to be shared freely without political or cultural unrest.

On the eve of the wedding Arianna’s father King Nebraesky is murdered and Artizans cousin Yanis is held accountable. Yanis pleads his innocence and claims the Selondery rebels are responsible for the death of the king. Both planets fear that war will return.

Whilst seeking council Artizan is approached by a rouge priest who informs him of a great conspiracy and evil that has existed for centuries and has infected both planets. He pleads with Artizan to seek out a mysterious device known as the Artefact which legend states has a power far greater than the Bio Dome Technology. Artisan refuses to entertain such a device exists and instead sets out on a quest to prove his cousins innocence.

Meanwhile the head of the Selodary rebels Lord Maldonado becomes aware of Artizans meeting with the rouge priest and the possibility of locating the Artefact. The consequence Maldonado’s desire to possess such a possible power leads to Artizan becoming a hunted figure by the Selodary rebels as they believe Lord Forrest gave Artizan a secret clue to the location of the Artefact.

Whilst returning to his home planet Atrizan is shot down and crash lands on a savage planet. Here he meets the planets mysterious leader Delphine who proclaims that Artizan has been chosen by the Ancient Gods to find the Artefact and restore peace. Delphine promises to help Artizan free his cousin if he agrees to seek out the device. Artizan reluctantly agrees as the pursuing rebels leave him no other alternative but to accept Delphines proposal.

Delphine and Artizan find themselves in a joint quest where they share a common purpose in peace and a common enemy. Both must work together to avoid capture whilst both pursuing their own goals. Will Artizan be able to prove his cousins innocence and prevent the return of war? Will Delphine succeed in locating the Artefact or will Maldando and the Selondery Rebels gain the ultimate power.